Michael Jackson's Kids Could Be Performers, Joe Jackson Says

'I keep watching Paris,' Jackson says of Michael's middle child.

Joe Jackson famously launched his sons, the Jackson 5, into superstardom, laying the groundwork for [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist]'s legendary career. And, in a "Good Morning America" interview on Friday (July 10), the family patriarch seemed to think Michael's children have bright futures in entertainment.

"I don't know — I keep watching Paris," he said, referring to Jackson's middle child, who spoke memorably at her father's memorial on Tuesday. "She ... wants to do something. And as far as I can see, well, they say Blanket [Michael's youngest child, Prince Michael II], he can really dance."

In the interview, when asked who should get custody of Blanket, Paris and Prince, he said he felt they should stay with the Jacksons, and specifically with Joe and his reportedly estranged wife, Katherine. "Their grandmother — Katherine — and I" should raise them, he said. "Yes, there's no one else to do what we can do for them. We should keep them all together and then make them happy, feed 'em like they're supposed to be fed, and let them get rest, plenty of sleep and grow up to be strong Jacksons."

He noted that Katherine, who currently has custody of the kids and may face a custody battle, hasn't had an easy time since Jackson's death last month. "She's taking it real hard," Joe said. "When you start talking about Michael, she starts crying."

Joe said he is awaiting toxicology reports

to return about Michael's cause of death. "I just couldn't believe what was happening to Michael," he said. "I do believe it was foul play. I do believe that. Yes."

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