Paramore Want To Go 'Smaller' For Brand New Eyes Tour

'It will be nostalgic for us,' frontwoman Hayley Williams says of playing clubs.

Maybe it's because they've spent their summer performing before stone-faced No Doubt fans in 15,000-seat amphitheaters and palatial hockey arenas, but when it came time to plan their own tour, [url id=""]Paramore[/url] decided to go small. Like, really small.

While they're still figuring out the dates for their tour in support of the upcoming Brand New Eyes LP, they already know what kind of venues they want to play: the kind they've been playing for years.

"We haven't hashed it all out yet, but it will be smaller, due to the fact that the tour we're doing right now is so large and, like, ticket prices are on a whole new level ... everything is a whole new level for us," frontwoman Hayley Williams told MTV News. "And we love it, but we want to do something that's really intimate and that our fans can be right up there and don't have to break their banks [for tickets]. It will just be really fun. I'm stoked."

Williams said the tour is tentatively scheduled to start on the day Brand New Eyes is released — September 29, which is coincidentally also guitarist Josh Farro's birthday — and it will more than likely feature two opening acts. Who will those acts be? Well, Williams and company seem to know, but they're not going to tell us just yet. Don't worry, though — whomever they pick, it will all be perfect.

"We're still thinking about bands we want to take out. This is a lie. We know, but it still could change," Williams laughed. "I'm always thinking about that, to be honest, because I want these shows to be great for our fans. And it seems like they really are going to be like that. I'm stoked. It'll be in clubs, it will be nostalgic for us. It'll be perfect."