Lady Gaga Talks Art, Androgyny, Britney Spears

'I was amazed by the level of the superfan that Britney created,' the singer tells Maxim.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] certainly likes to drop names in her interviews. But she uses those names not to prove who she knows, but what she knows. That's why in Maxim, when asked about her art and her sexuality, she cites [artist id="973"]David Bowie[/artist], Grace Jones, [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] and Andy Warhol as reference points to explain her wacky and eccentric pop-star persona.

"Warhol said art should be meaningful in the most shallow way," she told the magazine. "He was able to make commercial art that was taken seriously as fine art, to use something simple and shallow and take it to another planet. That's what I'm doing too. When you listen to a song like 'LoveGame,' is it communicating my soul to you? No ... I make soulless electronic pop. But when you're on ecstasy in a nightclub grinding up against someone and my music comes on, you'll feel soul."

In the article's accompanying photos, Gaga is, as always, dressed provocatively and posing seductively for the cameras. She refused to address the issue of her sexuality, but did note that for her it's not about her partner's gender, but who they are as a person. She added that she looks up to certain artists before her who also kept it androgynous. "I love Grace Jones and David Bowie," she said, "because they both played with gender and with what 'sexy' means."

Gaga at one point or another has also been fascinated by the way that someone like Britney Spears has risen to incredible levels of superstardom. "I was 13 when Britney became a star," she said. "I was amazed by the level of the superfan that Britney created. I want to bring back the feeling that I used to feel."