50 Cent, Lil Wayne Classics Fused With Michael Jackson's On New Mixtape

Cookin' Soul put together a mix of mash-ups in Mixtape Daily.

I can't lie: Two days after Michael Jackson died, I had one real good cry. Ironically, June 27 is my birthday, and no, my eyes didn't swell up because I was sad about getting older — after losing family members, I wholeheartedly feel grateful every time another year comes around. The waterworks opened up because after two days, it hit me like a hard smack to the face: Michael Jackson is gone. The greatest, most captivating performer of all time is dead. Since I could remember, there hasn't been a day when MJ wasn't a part of my life.

Obviously you don't talk about Michael Jackson every single day, but Mike was omnipresent. Record or no record, he's been in our lives. Besides "Rapper's Delight," "Beat It" was the first video I ever remember seeing — I think it came on "Solid Gold" one night. The video had such major impact on me. It was the most captivating thing I had ever seen. Even though I was still single digits in age and hadn't seen much, MJ was my favorite and has remained so all these years later. I can also remember sneaking in my cousin Yvette's room to watch the video for "Billie Jean," which aired past my bedtime. The video was so dope, I ran down the stairs and started dancing. MJ was breathtaking for kids, adults and everyone worldwide.

Michael's death was surprising — everyone was in a state of shock, and as we here at MTV News worked to compile two specials to celebrate the life and legacy of Jackson, Mixtape Daily went on a short hiatus. But we're back today and ready to continue the celebration of Jackson's life and work. Two talented producers, Cookin' Soul, checked in from the studio and showed us how they laid it down on their Tribute to the King mash-up mixtape.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: Tribute to the King

Headliners: Cookin' Soul and Michael Jackson

Key Collaborations: The adding of [artist id="860639"]50 Cent's[/artist] vocals from "Like My Style" to "Remember the Time," Luda's verse from "Girls Gone Wild" to "Bad" and Biggie from "Nasty Boy" on "Rock With You."

Essential Info: Producers/DJs Cookin' Soul have brought their flavor from Spain to the U.S., working with people such as Max B, the Game, Soulja Boy, Kool G. Rap and the homie Lil' Cease. Big Size, Milton and Zock make their mixtapes feel like the old '90s blend tapes and they come up with concept releases such as mixing some of 50 Cent's greatest verses with music from '90s hits like [artist id="854"]Mary J. Blige's[/artist] "Real Love." Their breakthrough was the OJAYSIS project, which mixed Hov's vocals with Oasis' music. Now they're back with a tape dedicated to Michael Jackson — Tribute to the King throws rap verses over MJ's classics.

"Once we learned the sad news, we got to work — we stayed up all night," Zock said.

You'll hear [artist id="3066140"]Kid Cudi[/artist] over "Bad" and Biggie — with a hint of Auto-Tune — on "Thriller." One track that didn't make the cut, potentially ending up on a part two, is [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West's[/artist] "Love Lockdown" mixed with "Dirty Diana."

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