Game Drops Video For Michael Jackson Tribute Song

'Better on the Other Side' clip shows Chris Brown, Wanya Morris in the studio, Game getting an MJ tattoo.

The [artist id="1833864"]Game[/artist] wasted no time in paying tribute to Michael Jackson. The Compton lyric master spearheaded an all-star tribute song, recorded it and released it within 10 hours. And less than a week after dropping the record, Game put out a video for the song. On Tuesday (June 30), the clip for "Better on the Other Side" dropped to the Internet.

As the clip starts, we hear the voice of [artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] (who isn't shown in the video) and see a fan holding a poster that reads "R.I.P. Michael Jackson." From there we see more images of fans, some mourning M.J., some celebrating him by doing his dances and dressing like the late King of Pop. Game begins rapping while lying in a bathtub, fully clothed and drinking as the water runs. [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] is shown moments after that, bobbing his head to the beat.

The video then goes back and forth between the recording sessions for the song and the vigils of fans. Game is shown in the studio with Brown, then we see Boyz II Men's Wanya Morris recording and singing his part on the record.

"Why'd you have to go, go/ I know it's better on the other side," Brown sings.

We then see Game writing his rhyme for the record and, later, getting a new tattoo on his right arm. As the video ends, Game stands up in the bathtub, takes off his shirt and reveals his new Michael Jackson tattoo. It's a picture of Jackson wearing a fedora and a mask on his face.

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"With Michael Jackson, you can't even [record] one song," Game said Saturday night at a party Diddy threw in Los Angeles. "Michael Jackson, he's the legend. I think the most tears were shed around the world for his death, and the only person above him who people cried for like that when they died was Jesus. So, that lets you know the stature of Michael Jackson, his life and his career. I love him and we miss him."

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