Jay-Z's 'D.O.A.' Video Inspired By '70s Counterculture Movie

Hov says 1970's 'Zabriskie Point' has the same rebellious feel as Blueprint 3.

Just as [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] looked to the past for the soundscapes of his original Blueprint LP, it seems he went retro again for the video for the first single from [article id="1613283"]Blueprint 3[/article], [article id="1614880"]"D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)."[/article] This time, it was a controversial 1970 film that served as the muse for a portion of the "D.O.A." video, Hov told MTV News.

"The visual for 'D.O.A.' conveys the direction for Blueprint 3 and is inspired, in part, by the film 'Zabriskie Point,' directed by Michelangelo Antonioni," Jay said in an e-mail about his video, which premiered on Sunday, after the [article id="1614877"]BET Awards[/article]. "The film parallels the vision of Blueprint 3. 'Zabriskie Point' represents aspects of a counterculture movement. In music, we have to elevate beyond what has become a popular trend or gimmick, pushing ourselves past what is comfortable and challenge the status quo."

"Zabriskie Point" is the famous Italian director's documentary-style fictional movie about young American hippies. Taking a cue from Antonioni's anti-establishment bent, "D.O.A." features stylistic explosions of the trends Jay wants to perish, such as gaudy chains that symbolize Auto-Tune, bottles of Cristal and a rack of colorfully loud clothing.

Blueprint 3's September 11 release date is a tip of the hat to the first album in his series, but Jay says the content of his new album will take a look to the future.

"This trilogy has come full circle," he explained. "Blueprint encompasses the essence of those that influenced me; it pays homage to the soul music that our parents played. Releasing Blueprint 3 pays homage to that original release date, and in remembering the past, we must look to the future in a different way. Musically, the album recognizes that there is a generation of us that are influencing the next wave of artists. It lays groundwork for what can happen next in music."

Jay-Z kicks off a set of summer concert dates on July 2 in Phoenix.