'Gossip Girl' Star Taylor Momsen Talks The Pretty Reckless

'Music feeds my soul,' the actress says about her band.

If Taylor Momsen's band, the Pretty Reckless, somehow found themselves playing one of Jenny Humphrey's school dances on "Gossip Girl," does Momsen think that her fictional alter-ego would be into her music?

"I think she'd like it," Momsen told MTV News. "Her dad's a rocker. We're trying to bring rock back with the Pretty Reckless here, so I think she'd like it. She put the Ramones in her fashion, so [yes]."

It's fairly obvious that Momsen loves to show her rock side. Whether she's name-checking Nirvana, Joan Jett and Hole or hitting a red carpet in leather, bleached-blond hair and red lipstick, it's clear that Momsen and the Pretty Reckless aren't softies. "In everything I do, I'm influenced by music. Music feeds my soul," she said. "As far as style, I'm influenced by eras that had music [I] liked. Music became a persona to me."

That persona started when Momsen was a kid. If Jenny Humphrey's dad is a rocker, Taylor Momsen's dad is a rock fan. He used to play music for the "Gossip Girl" star, music that prepared her for her future job as a rock star. "I grew up listening to the Beatles on vinyl with my dad," she explained, citing "Strawberry Fields Forever" as one of her favorite songs. "So I grew up kind of listening to good records. I worked my way into Joan Jett and the Runaways records and Blondie and Garbage. Garbage became a huge influence on me."