Jay-Z Premieres Video For 'D.O.A.' After BET Awards

Video features cameos from Harvey Keitel, LeBron James.

From the looks of things, [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist]'s The Blueprint 3 LP is apparently finished. Jay performed his single "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" on Sunday night's BET Awards — giving a shout-out to "the king," Michael Jackson, at the song's close — and after the show, the video for the record debuted. And when Jay popped up onstage, he was sporting a new close-cut haircut.

Anyone who's been following Jigga knows he's been wearing his hair longer than ever for the past year and change. He called his do the "Blueprint 'Fro" and explained recently on Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio program that during the recording of his albums, he usually lets his hair grow. Well, Jay also usually knocks albums out in less than a month. Blueprint 3 took quite some time longer. More on that haircut later, but now, on to the video. ...

"D.O.A." starts with a driver pulling into an alley. The driver gets out and opens the door for Jay-Z. And it just so happens that said wheelman is Hov's longtime friend Lyor Cohen, head of the Warner Music Group; Jay is dropping B3 via his Roc Nation label, through Warner subsidiary Atlantic.

As the clip continues, Hov gets into an elevator. He walks into a dark, abandoned warehouse, turns on the lights and the music comes on simultaneously. From there Jigga, wearing all black, starts performing. The video flips to Jay with a live band in a performance space, then flips back to Jay at restaurant. Later, boom! A gold chain with the letter A (for Auto-Tune) explodes.

Back to the restaurant: Harvey Keitel comes to Jay's table and pays respects before leading Hov into a kitchen. Then, another boom: This time colorful clothes — just like in the lyrics — go up in smoke.

As the video progresses, we see Jay playing poker in the restaurant kitchen, and then in a basketball court taking on this year's NBA MVP, his longtime friend LeBron James. Hov dribbles while his homey checks him. Jigga decides to shoot a jumper over his opponent instead of driving to the hole. We never see if he makes the basket. Unlike at the last game of the NBA Eastern Conference finals, James shakes Jay's hand after the game.

... And now we finally see that haircut as the video comes to a close.

The video was aired as part of the BET Awards post-show. Co-host Jamie Foxx joked about Jay, saying, "death to Auto-Tune — except for me. That damn 'Blame It ...' is doing some things. Jigga gotta give me a pass."

Foxx, of course, was referring to his monster single [video id="348227"]"Blame It on the Alcohol,"[/video] which dips heavily into the Auto-Tune pool.