'True Blood' Vs. 'Twilight': Fans Weigh In On The Vamp-Off

As 'True Blood' star Stephen Moyer slams Edward Cullen, we take the question to the streets.

Since the premiere of the second season of "True Blood" earlier this month, the cast of the show has been asked to take sides in an epic battle with the vampires of "Twilight."

For the most part the stars of the HBO show have been reluctant to say outright whether they favor their vamps over the Cullens. But leave it to Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton, to turn a little healthy rivalry into a downright feud by saying some pretty nasty stuff about Edward Cullen to Marie Claire magazine in this month's issue. "He's a pu---!" he said. "He's the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires."

Of course, Moyer's probably a little biased, so MTV News decided to get "True Blood" and "Twilight" fans to weigh in on the ever escalating vamp-off. And it seems that a lot of viewers are siding with the undead based on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels over the ones adapted from Stephenie Meyer's books.

"[I pick] 'True Blood' because it's so much better," one fan told us on the New York streets. " 'Twilight' is the cheesy version of 'True Blood.' [The vampires] are scary and bad, but you still love them."

Another fan, Sarah, added that "True Blood" is better because it's "a little bit more mature." Her friend, Marie, hasn't seen "True Blood," but having read both Harris' and Meyer's novels, she prefers "Twilight." " 'Twilight' the movie is awesome," Marie added.

Over at MTV News' new blog Hollywood Crush, readers have been sharing strong opinions about this vampire battle. " 'Twilight' is based off a horribly written novel tailored to 12-year-old girls, and the movie is twice as bad as the book," wdk123 wrote. " 'True Blood' is freaking awesome. It is a show with layers, which 'Twilight' is desperately lacking. The first five minutes of the show last night were more entertaining than four bad novels."

Cococriiisp added, " 'True Blood'! 'Twilight' is for teeny-bopping babies who only care about hot guys."

But, Twilighters were also definitely representing in the issue. Tashasovie wrote, " 'Twilight' def!!! 'Twilight' is about a totally different kind of vampire compared to the old-school 'True Blood' [vampires]!"

SpiderMonkey added, " 'Twilight' is the BEST and [the vampires] are so HOT with awesome abilities. They would smoke the 'True Blood' wanabes!"

Maybe rather than compare "Twilight" to "True Blood," we should really be asking about the leading men, Bill vs. Edward. Back out on the street, Sarah opted for Bill. "He seems older and mature," she told us. Meanwhile her buddy, Marie, explained why she'd go for Edward: "The hair!" she said. "Vampire Bill in the book isn't that cool."

But perhaps we leave this debate it in the hands of one fan who uses the most obvious reasoning for liking all of the vampires, "Who cares who wins?" Hayleybop33 wrote. "They're both hot."

And just wait, vampire lovers, with the CW's "Vampire Diaries" series on the way, bloodsucking loyalties are bound to be stretched even further.

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