Zac Efron, Breckin Meyer Spoof Perez Hilton Video

In parody of Hilton/Will.I.Am scuffle, Meyer complains about being snubbed at the Robot Chicken skate party.

Just days after Perez Hilton's alleged altercation with Will.I.Am and the Black Eyed Peas' road manager Liborio "Polo" Molina, [movieperson id="438080"]Zac Efron[/movieperson] has teamed up with Breckin Meyer for a Funny or Die parody of Hilton's passionate video account of the incident.

In the video, Meyer says he is using his legal name of Luigi Lopez Hyack Banderas Conchito Alonzo as he describes an incident that occurred between him, Efron and Efron's girlfriend at the Robot Chicken skate party. In the same shaky-but-emphatic tone that Perez used in his video, Meyer says, "What happened to me ... happened to me as a human being and should never ever happen. Never. Ever. Never."

Breckin Meyer Responds to Perez Hilton - watch more funny videos

In the fabricated incident, Meyer apparently asked both Zac and his lady (presumably Vanessa Hudgens) if it would be cool if he skated with her during the couple's skate at the party. But when "the 'Titanic' song" came on, the pair skated with each other instead. "Solo skating during couple's skating should never happen," Meyer complained. "It is not the answer. You owe me an apology, Zac Efron. Can you do that?"

And with that, Efron — who made a Funny or Die video a few months back about his celeb-filled pool parties — walks into view, wearing his signature knit cap.

"I'm sorry, Breckin," Efron says. Meyer simply smiles and responds, "OK."

While certainly the funniest so far, this is not the first celebrity response to the Hilton/Will.I.Am dust-up. Nick Cannon, John Mayer, Miley Cyrus and others have made statements in the press and on Twitter about the incident.