Nick Cannon Says Kids Are In The Future For Him And Mariah Carey

'As soon as our schedules calm down, that's where our focus will go,' he tells MTV News.

Now that [artist id="976"]Mariah Carey[/artist] and [artist id="1233784"]Nick Cannon[/artist] have celebrated one year of wedded bliss, everyone wants to know when the show-biz couple will start adding to the family. Cannon assured MTV News that kids are in their plan — just not yet.

"That is the question that everyone asks. It's one of those things. ... We had an amazing year, and now I feel like we've established our household," he told MTV News. "We're getting things together. So as soon as our schedules calm down, that's where our focus will go."

Until then, he and Carey will have some more alone time to make each other laugh. "People do not understand how funny Mariah is," he said. "Neither one of us take anything serious. And it's like everyone gets to see this whole diva facade and all of that, but she's like the funniest person and knows how to make fun of herself."

He added that she has the perfect attitude to go with his goofy nature: "To be a comedian and have someone else that I really think is just funny to share my life with is dope."

Cannon said there are a lot of misconceptions about his wife due to celebrity-gossip magazines. "The diva stuff, like, everything you hear in the tabloids: 'She bathes in Evian,' " he said, before jokingly adding, "It's really Fiji. She bathes in Fiji.

"Come on! All of that stuff. She's just regular like any other chick would be. She's just kicking it."