Heidi And Spencer On 'I'm A Celebrity' Finale: What To Expect

Drama, feuds and illness — we run down the couple's stint on the show before Wednesday's finale.

On the Wednesday (June 24) season finale of "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!," all the contestants are slated to return to the jungle. That includes Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt who, over the course of the one week they were on the show, managed to leave and return several times as well as cause the entire group to hate them.

So just what will happen when they meet up with all the show's contestants on Wednesday night? Well, when Speidi spoke to MTV News recently, they expressed that they wanted to make another big return to the show before the finale in order to compete one more time but found that it wouldn't be possible.

"I actually was just letting NBC know that I am ready to go back," Spencer said. "We tried to go back, but the cast said they would mutiny if we showed up!" He added that he'd love to come back for another season, but it seems he'll get his chance to return before then.

During their short time on the show, the couple managed to stir up tons of trouble and befriend Janice Dickinson (who they later talked smack about to MTV News) — but they told us they wanted to leave from the moment they got there.

"When we walked into the camp, I was like, 'We're out of here,' " Spencer said. "I was picturing, like, a lagoon next to a beach, something out of 'Lost,' with beautiful sunrises and sunsets."

Nonetheless, they made friends with Dickinson, Spencer was baptized in a river by Stephen Baldwin and the duo were replaced by Heidi's sister, Holly Montag, who may or may not have had some flirtations with fellow contestant Sanjaya Malakar.

Upon their return to the States, Spencer admitted that if he ever met up with Lou Diamond Phillips there might be trouble, which leads us to believe that he will confront him on the finale. Also, there could be some issues between Heidi and Holly when the sisters finally meet again in Costa Rica.