Christian Bale Says There Might Not Be Another Batman Movie

'I truly don't know,' Christian Bale says of the fate of the character.

Tim Burton directed two. So did Joel Schumacher. Might Christopher Nolan also stop at two "Batman" flicks? Could the seventh big-screen caped crusader adventure since 1989 require the services of a fourth director? Rumors that Nolan might not return for another go at Gotham City have been rampant and according to Bruce Wayne himself — Christian Bale — a follow-up to "The Dark Knight" might never materialize.

"I truly don't know that we're ever going to see another 'Batman' movie," Bale told MTV News while promoting his Great Depression-era crime thriller, "Public Enemies."

While Bale maintained no less than three times during the interview that he was unsure another "Batman" will be made, the 35-year-old actor is contractually obligated to return — however, Nolan is not. And Bale simply can't conceive of having to reprise his role without the director by his side.

"I don't even want to think about it," he said.

What might keep Nolan from returning? "It would be purely that he would need to find a story that was good enough — and if he can't find that, then it wouldn't happen," Bale explained.

While Nolan is not under contract, Bale continued to say, "Chris Nolan's the boss," underscoring the deep connection in his mind between the comic book franchise and the director.

Without a script or a director, Bale was reluctant to speculate about what a future "Batman" would look like. "I'm even a step away from having to consider that," he said.

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