Johnny Depp Open To Being The Riddler In A New Batman Film

'If the opportunity came, I'd definitely juggle it,' actor says of reuniting with 'Public Enemies' co-star Christian Bale.

While director Christopher Nolan's future with the Batman franchise is very much up in the air, speculation surrounding a follow-up to last year's "The Dark Knight" continues unabated. One persistent rumor — perhaps fan-created — is the possibility of Johnny Depp joining the cast as the Riddler.

When MTV News caught up with the actor while he was promoting his upcoming Michael Mann film "Public Enemies," Depp told us he's open to taking on the role of the puzzle-hurling villain.

"If the opportunity came, I'd definitely juggle it," he said.

Depp professed to being a fan of both the character and the actor who played the bad guy in the '60s-era TV show. "I always liked the Riddler," Depp said. "I always liked Frank Gorshin. Frank Gorshin was brilliant. I always thought he was a great actor."

Bale, who co-stars with Depp in "Enemies," believes Johnny would be an excellent fit for the role — if "Batman 3" actually goes into production. "I think he's a wonderful actor, and I think he could achieve that greatly, but I'm not the man to ask," Bale said, maintaining that the decision will rest with Nolan.

While on the "Enemies" set, did the two actors ever discuss the possibility of going head-to-head in Gotham City? "No. As you see in the movie, we had one scene together, so not a whole lot of time for discussing anything else," Bale said.

Of course, Riddler guesswork doesn't only surround Depp. Talk of Eddie Murphy becoming the green-suited baddie has cropped up on fan sites too. The comedian recently appeared on the "Tonight Show" and told Conan O'Brien, "I would love to be in one of those Batman movies."

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