Lindsay Lohan And Ryan Seacrest To Team Up For Reality Show

'Still putting it all together,' Seacrest says of the plans.

[artist id="1737245"]Lindsay Lohan[/artist] is getting her own reality show. But if fans of the "Mean Girls" star think that they will get an intimate look into la vida Lohan, they'd better think again.

The show, TMZ reports, will be an inspirational reality show where $1 million is given away to a person who is looking to turn their life around after going down the wrong path. That person will be judged by a panel, and it's rumored that Lohan will possibly appear as a judge on the show.

Seacrest Tweeted about the concept, ssaying, "Met with Lindsay last night about a show idea I have for her ... it helps people and gives others a second shot! Still putting it all together."

Meanwhile, Lohan also took to her Twitter to announce the tentative plans of working with Seacrest on the show. "Working on a really great project for television - I am excited!" she said. "Something meaningful like Extreme Home Makeover on ABC."

Keeping with the inspirational theme of the show, she also Tweeted, "I am so blessed [and] because I am I want to make the world a better place." Reps for both Seacrest and Lohan had not gotten back to MTV News by press time.

Earlier this year, Lohan had been quite vocal about how hard it's been for her to find work thanks to her constant presence in the tabloids. "There's not much I can do about the fact that I've become a kind of tabloid obsession," she said. "I can't change that. And yes, the Web sites, the gossip pages, and all of that stuff have hurt my career — they're like the Burn Books of Hollywood."