Spencer Pratt, Lauren Conrad Lend Support To Stephanie Pratt

'Hills' stars rally behind co-star, who spoke out about her stuggle with bulimia this week.

Stephanie Pratt's "Hills" co-stars have voiced their support after she revealed her struggles with bulimia earlier this week. Her brother, Spencer Pratt, and friend/ former co-star Lauren Conrad say they're proud of Stephanie for being open about her struggle with the eating disorder.

"I love and support Stephanie," Spencer told MTV News in a statement. "We all have our problems from time to time. But she's my sister and I'm always praying for her."

When MTV News caught up with Stephanie's former "Hills" co-star, Lauren Conrad, on Thursday, she seemed distraught by the news and said she wished she could have been there sooner for her friend.

"I've known that Stephanie has definitely struggled with the show and tried to be there for her in any way I could," she said. "It's actually really upsetting to see, and hurtful because you never want to see someone you care about go through that. We've all spoken to Stephanie and obviously we're there for her, supporting her.

"I think it was very brave of her to come forward and admit that she had a problem, and I think from here she's going to work on that and I think that's a very important step for her to take."

Lauren described one of the warning signs associated with eating disorders. The fact that Stephanie was unable to come to Lauren for help is one of the warning signs that Danielle Shelov, a psychologist at New York's Columbus Park Collaborative, told MTV News about. She said that people with eating disorders tend to withdraw from their friends and family.

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