Jamie Foxx Calls 'Digital Girl' Remix Partner Drake 'The New Movement'

'He's either gonna make people paranoid and hate him, or you gonna have to get on that boat and ride,' Foxx says of the up-and-coming MC.

You can officially add [artist id="7590"]Jamie Foxx[/artist]'s name to the growing list of [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] supporters out there.

The Oscar-winning singer/actor recently featured the highly touted up-and-comer on a remix of his new single, "Digital Girl" (which they recently unveiled during a performance on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien"), and he plans on keeping the collaboration going in the coming months — because he's officially a believer.

"Drake is the new movement, man. You gotta think about what this kid has done, man. To have records on a mixtape, and then the next thing you know he's on top of the charts. And every time you mention him, people go crazy," Foxx told MTV News. "I've had the chance to meet Drake and listen to his music. The volumes of music he's producing makes him a strong force that'll be around for a very long time. Because usually, when you see an artist of today, they do one thing — maybe they perform a song or do a great hook — but you seldom see a guy who can walk a song, all from the R&B end, and then to be on a track with Bun B ... and Bun B, he doesn't get on tracks with people unless it's really legit ... so I'm actually honored to have him on a track called 'Digital Girl,' and we will be working with each other in the future."

Foxx didn't say just when or where that work will be taking place, though he did reveal that Drake will be joining him for a few dates on his "Blame It" tour, which kicks off July 3 in Las Vegas.

"It's always great to see somebody ... those young bucks, coming up," Foxx said. "And he's making noise, so he's either gonna make people paranoid and hate him, or you gonna have to get on that boat and ride."

And count Foxx as being on the boat. Because his praise of Drake doesn't stop there — he's already comparing him to one of the all-time greats, [artist id="932"]LL Cool J[/artist].

"[Drake] has a way with women, in how he portrays himself. His music is ... he can go as gangster as he wants, but when he sings, that is the X-factor. A lot of us use the Auto-Tune, but this guy's actually melodically soothing when he's singing to females, and I think that gives him a little bit of what my man LL Cool J had," Foxx explained. "The reason LL Cool J lasted for so long was because he was an absolute monster when it came to battle rap, but he was, when it came to females ... there's not a lady in the world don't want to be at an LL Cool J show. So, if this guy can capture what I think he can capture, he'll really have that.

"Besides, I've heard some of the stuff that he's giving to me, which is on the R&B side — I said, 'What you doing with that?' he said, 'You can have it,' but when you hear what all he can do, look out," he continued. "I mean, this guy's gonna come out with a hip-hop album, then he's gonna come out with an R&B album, then he might come out with a pop mainstream album — he's that dope."