Plies' New Single 'Becky' -- Hear A Clip Exclusively On

Rapper's next album, Goon Affiliated, is scheduled to drop in September.

If these rappers stick to their schedules, September is going to be a huge month for hip-hop. Jay-Z announced his Blueprint 3 for September 11, while Gucci Mane and 50 Cent also told MTV News they are dropping that month as well.

Add one more name to the list now: [url id=""]Plies[/url]. He's coming with Goon Affiliated less than six months after putting out Da Realist. The Florida native chose MTV News to debut his first single, "Becky."

"Some of you all will be mad at me for saying this, but I'm in love with Becky!" the MC said in a statement.

As promised, Goon Affiliated will feature some special guest MCs, a first for a Plies album.

Plies told us in April that there were three Big Apple spitters he was thinking about reaching out to for his album. "I was open about being a big supporter of Jadakiss," Plies said of the LOX member. "I met him in Philly, but like I told him, I was f---ing with him for a while. I never forget the line he used about how he was 'the first man to cook base on a Foreman grill.' That was the sh--! And then I'm a big Maino fan, as well as [Fabolous]. Those three dudes I always f--- with."

Look for an exclusive interview with Plies about "Becky," his album and a new direction of tracks he's going with on his LP in the coming days on