Danny Gokey Detractors Take Their Fight To Twitter, Google

Pictures and comments from the Facebook page of 'American Idol' finalist's cousin cause a stir online.

It's been a rather trying week for Danny Gokey.

First, there was the rather bizarre story behind DannyGokeyGear.com, a Web site selling glasses like those worn by the "American Idol" contestant (with proceeds supposedly going to charity) that actually has nothing to do with Danny Gokey at all. Then, after Gokey posted a Twitter message about the site — calling it a "scam" and claiming that his charity, Sophia's Heart, "[has] not seen 1 penny nor been contacted" — it was revealed that the owner of the Gokey Gear site had, in fact, reached out to Sophia's Heart and received its blessing.

And finally, late Wednesday, someone hacked into the Facebook account of Gokey's cousin and discovered that she had posted a series of photos that showed Gokey and his family out to dinner with Lambert and several other "Idol" contestants (at a Buca di Beppo, of all places). Apparently, Gokey had printed out a photo of "Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert wearing green body paint, glitter and blue lipstick and brought it to dinner to have Lambert sign it.

Lambert wasn't too thrilled with this (which is evident in the Facebook pics), but he signed anyway, then posed for several pictures with Gokey's family. Those photos were also posted on Gokey's cousin's Facebook page, along with several comments from friends, that were generally of the "OK, I just puked!!" and "ooooooooooooooooooh HELL NO!!!" variety. There was also this comment posted by someone named Talea A. Gokey: "To tell you the truth, dad stayed as far away as the room would allow!"

This entire exchange was preserved for posterity on the "Oh No They Didn't" online community, where commenters began to point out the unsettling tone of the comments (and Gokey's whole "sign this picture" gag).

Then, ONTD commenters pointed out that Gokey had said the following in a live chat with Comcast on Wednesday: "Yes. I accept gay people, but people have to accept my beliefs. We have to accept their beliefs, but they have to accept my beliefs. We agree to disagree. I don't judge people, but at the same time, if they believe in what they believe, they have to accept me and what I believe. But I accept anybody as they come. That's my character and my personality."

Given all that, it seemed what happened next was inevitable: ONTD users created a Twitter hash tag — #gokeyisadouche — and decided to include it in their respective Tweets until it made it all the way to #1 on the site's Trending Topics (which it eventually did, overtaking #iranelection at the top of the list).

That, of course, caused even more people to begin Googling "Gokey is a douche" (because, really, most people had no idea what was happening), sending the term rocketing up the Google Trends list. And from there, an Internet meme was born.

MTV News' attempts to reach Gokey for comment on the matter proved unsuccessful.

The folks at Twitter have since removed #gokeyisadouche from its Trending Topics list, and the phrase has since fallen off Google Trends too. And it appears the Internet has moved on.

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