The Jonas Brothers Tour: Dinosaurs And Volcanoes And Waterfalls, Oh My!

'We do have a water curtain on the stage. There a lot of stuff that's going on,' Kevin says.

The [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist] kick off their big summer tour on Saturday in Dallas. And the guys, who will be performing in the round, assure fans that when they shill out money for tickets, they will be buying a seat to the concert spectacle of the year.

"I mean, you walk out there right now ... that looks big, and then you add a lot of people in there and that's even bigger, and then they also don't have seats on the floor yet," Joe Jonas told MTV News. "So there's seats going to be all over the floor too, so it's like, 'Whoa.' It's intense."

The intensity includes a water curtain, which led to the guys making an interesting list of things you may or may not see when you hit up one of their shows this summer. "We're going to bring a mountain on the stage with us," Joe said, before Kevin jokingly added, "And volcanoes and dinosaurs. We're bringing them back."

Not only will the guys have a water curtain for real (the dinosaurs and volcanoes will not be included on this stretch of the tour), but they will also have mechanics that will certainly bring them closer to their fans. "We do have a water curtain on the stage. There's a lot of stuff that's going on," Kevin explained. "We have an arm that lifts out of the stage that goes about 30 feet that swings us over the audience."

But Joe wanted to be sure we got what Kevin meant by an arm. "A big, like, mechanical-looking arm — not an actual arm," he explained.