Young Jeezy On Gucci Mane Dis Record '24-23': 'I'm Not The Aggressor'

'It's not like I had a problem with him — he had a problem with me, because he was jealous,' Jeezy says of fellow Atlanta rapper.

[artist id="1243444"]Young Jeezy[/artist] says real G's don't make dis records for exposure. So when Young dropped his song "24-23 (Kobe, LeBron)" to address [artist id="1938028"]Gucci Mane[/artist] and [artist id="3067178"]OJ Da Juiceman[/artist], he wanted to get his point across.

"It wasn't a question of 'Why do the song now?' " Jeezy explained to MTV News. Young has refused to address Gucci for years and says this interview about the subject will be his last. "It was more so of when dude went away, did his little time or whatever — he came back. The sh-- was squashed. I wasn't trippin' on him. I was getting my money on. I was done with it. I was on my grind. I wasn't really paying attention what was going on [with Gucci]. But as you know, Slick Pulla is locked up. A few of my partners that I really been down with since day one. He started taking shots on his little mixtapes. I was really kinda done with it, because on 'Stay Strapped,' I killed him with one verse. To make a long story short, I'm tired of the bullsh--, because I know him. He ain't like that. To be honest, I don't have a problem with Gucci because I wear it — I have a problem with Radric [Gucci's Mane's given name]."

There's a song called "Hurry" off of Gucci's mixtape The Writing's on the Wall that contains lines that could be taken as jabs at Young and his crew. "Girl you look like Keyshia Cole/ I know you a di-- pulla," he raps. "But can't f--- you Blood Raw/ Damn I like them Kinky flows."

Gucci will neither confirm nor deny if he was throwing disses, but obviously Slick Pulla, Blood Raw and Kinky B are in Young's crew, and he used to date Keyshia Cole. Jeezy found it funny that Gucci called radio-show host Miss Info on Tuesday and downplayed the whole situation saying Jeezy was just dissing him to build hype.

"This is what he does. He always does it," Jeezy said. "He says what he says, then he hides his hands. Then when you say something, you're the bad guy. I'm definitely not the aggressor in this situation. I'm just holding my business. I'm a grown-ass man. The best thing for you to do is get your money and leave me the f--- alone. I heard their little statement, 'We ain't feeding into that.' Y'all been feeding into that for four years. Get your money, dog. Don't be out here with the bullsh--.

"I don't got no reason to be picking on nobody or f--- with nobody for no exposure," he added, denying Gucci's claims. "Come on, dog. I ain't never did no sh-- like that to sell no records or get no notoriety. It's personal because he keeps f---ing throwing rocks and hiding your hands, man."

Jeezy debuted "24-23" at Atlanta hot spot the Velvet Room, where Gucci Mane and Snoop Dogg were in the VIP section.

"I heard he played the song after we left," Gucci told MTV News. Young has a slightly different account.

"I heard the n---a was at the club, so I went to the club to see what's up," Young said. "He was at one of my spots. They snuck him out the front door while we was coming through the back."

The Jeezy and Gucci Mane tension goes back four years, after they made the hit record "So Icy." Shortly after the song blew up, the two had a falling out and things snowballed. Gucci accused Jeezy of trying to have him killed and robbed. The allegations were unfounded, and Young has always denied them. The pair actually sat down in the aftermath and squashed things, but soon after, Jeezy heard more disses. If you do your research on the mixtape circuit, you will hear an assortment of Gucci salvos aimed at Jeezy through the years such as "Benchwarmers," "Young Money" and "Check." The Snowman says he tried to stay away from the nonsense to focus on his career -- a career that Young feels Gucci was envious of.

"It's not like I had a problem with him — he had a problem with me, because he was jealous." he explained. "That's what this is about. Now you getting your money, OK, get your money — don't come f--- with me."

Jeezy and Gucci are both billed on two concerts this weekend — 102 Jamz SuperJam in North Carolina and Atlanta's Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash.

Jeezy says he doesn't expect any problems, especially in the ATL.

"At the end of the day, I'm not worried about no show or nothing," Jeezy offered. "I'm getting my money. Nothing's stopping me from getting my money. You feel me? This is for my city, this is for Atlanta. I been the king of this sh-- for a while as far as Birthday Bash is concerned. We're coming there to do our show."