Will 'Gossip Girl' Make Its Way To The Big Screen?

'I think that would be kind of hot,' star Leighton Meester says of a movie based on the popular TV show.

Earlier this year, [movie id="305755"]"Star Trek"[/movie] became the 11th feature film spun off from TV's beloved sci-fi franchise. "X-Files" has launched two big-screen installments, starring the same actors from the hit television show. "Sex and the City: The Movie" became a box-office phenomenon with a $57 million opening weekend, and an "Arrested Development" film should be coming our way shortly.

Now, the cast of the red-hot TV show "Gossip Girl" are wondering whether they could be the next hit series to graduate to the silver screen.

"We've been asked that a lot," Jessica Szohr grinned. "I'm in."

"A 'Gossip Girl' movie could be compared to a [movie id="355798"]'Sex and the City'[/movie]-type of movie," agreed Leighton Meester, giving a pitch and seeing similarities in the confessional, sexy, martini-drinking worlds. "I think that would be kind of hot."

These days, Szohr is hard at work in Lake Havasu on the set of the horror film "Piranha 3-D," while Meester is playing psycho on the Culver City set of the thriller "The Roommate." Other stars, like Blake Lively and Chace Crawford, are similarly establishing their own film careers or focusing on the third season of the show that premieres in September. But if the show's fanbase continues to build, "Gossip Girl" could someday be bringing her omniscient observations to a movie theater near you.

"If they do that, I don't think it'll be for a couple more years," reasoned Szohr, who plays down-to-earth Vanessa Abrams on the show. "We're just going into the third season. But I think it'd be fun; we'd all be excited to do it."

"We'll see what happens," agreed Meester, a breakout star as the bratty, bitchy Blair Waldorf. "There's no resolution in each episode — it's always a cliffhanger. So it would be pretty juicy as a movie."

Asked if she's been privy to any behind-the-scenes rumblings about a possible movie someday, Meester said, "I have," adding, "I think we are just [concentrating] on the show right now — so maybe when it goes away for a while we can come back [as a movie]."

"You never know," Szohr added. "It went from books to a TV show — so they might as well just check off the list and make it a film too."

Thinking about her surroundings on the "Piranha" set, however, Szohr only hoped that the "Gossip Girl" film wouldn't similarly be in 3-D. "I can't picture that," she laughed, thinking of her artsy style on the show. "My character's outfits would look crazy!"

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