Heidi And Spencer Are 'Praying' That Holly Montag Marries Sanjaya

'They are going to be Sanjolly!,' Heidi Montag says of the blooming 'I'm a Celebrity' romance.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have been married for almost two months now, so it's only natural that they want to see other people falling in love. And they couldn't be happier to see Heidi's sister (and their "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" replacement) Holly Montag forming a romance with fellow contestant Sanjaya Malakar.

"Her and Sanjaya are going to be the biggest couple," Heidi told MTV News, who said Holly could win the show because she's "jungle-friendly." "They are going to be Sanjolly!"

Spencer also wishes the new reality couple all the best, and he'd like to see them take their romance from the jungle to real life. "I've actually been praying nonstop that they get married, and I can actually have a brother-in-law named Sanjaya, and I can go to India and hang out," he said. "Speidi and Sanjolly are going to Bollywood!"

Heidi is so happy for Holly that she was even willing to forgive her for any comments she made about Heidi on the show, including when she said Heidi was "like Velcro" with Spencer and her family.

"It's hard for [Holly], 'cause she's out in L.A. and I'm really busy, so I think it was more of she didn't really know what Janice was asking her," she said about former castmate Janice Dickinson, who questioned Holly about Speidi. "And when I was younger, I loved being around my mom a lot. Everyone does, and then you grow up and you have your own life. I think that's what she meant."

But leave it to Spencer to find a way to cause some drama. "I personally think Holly's a little bitter that she's not part of Speidi," he said. "Sorry, you're not a part of this Velcro!"

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