Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato Gear Up To Film 'Camp Rock 2'

'We were just thinking it's going to be so much fun,' Lovato says of filming the sequel with the JoBros.

Sure, right now the [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers [/artist] are focused on their upcoming summer tour (which kicks off on June 20) and their new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, but once all that settles down Nick, Joe and Kevin will get right back to work again, this time filming "Camp Rock 2."

"We're going to be in Canada yet again," Joe said. Kevin jokingly added that the biggest secret to the sequel to last summer's hit movie is that it takes place "in space."

What about the whispers that the littlest Jonas, Frankie, might be joining the cast? Well, not even his older brothers were able to clear up the rumors about Bonus Jonas. "Frankie, being in the movie? There's talks of that. I don't know," Joe said. "He might just do his own movie."

Nick was quick to remind him that he already had — Frankie will star alongside Miley Cyrus' little sister, Noah, in "Ponyo," out this August. "Maybe he'll go to junior camp," Joe said about any other films Frankie might be working on. "Frankie is a little superstar. He has his own movie."

Their "Camp Rock" leading lady, Demi Lovato, also recently chatted to MTV News about hitting the set with the boys later this year, with or without Frankie onboard.

"They're, like, some of my closest friends," she said of the JoBros. "Even in our free time, we'll be like, 'Let's go write a song.' We were just thinking it's going to be so much fun."