Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag Expected 'Celebrity' To Be 'A Lagoon Next To A Beach'

'When we walked into the camp, I was like, 'We're out of here,' 'Hills' star says.

Spencer Pratt may have found religion in the jungle during his brief tenure on "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!," but "The Hills" star admits that he didn't find much else that made him happy.

" 'I'm a Celebrity' was a life-changing experience for me," Pratt told MTV News on Monday. "I found Jesus in the jungle, so that was huge. Other than that, that's all I wanted to find in the jungle. And then I was out of there, 'cause Heidi and I were the only celebrities on that show."

Pratt admitted that life on the show was far from what he'd imagined. "When we walked into the camp, I was like, 'We're out of here.' I was picturing, like, a lagoon next to a beach, something out of 'Lost,' with beautiful sunrises and sunsets."

His wife, Heidi Montag, admitted that she also got a bad vibe straight away. "The minute we walked in I started crying — I never cry," she said. "I cry, like, once every three years, and so I just started crying. And then I got really sick and went to the hospital and that's when we were like, 'Maybe the jungle is not for Speidi.' "

The couple did try and give the show another chance for the Feed the Children charity, but admitted that not even their charity was enough for them to stick it out. "To be honest, I'm not a martyr for my charity. I'm not going to die for my charity," Spencer said. "I'd rather just write them a check or go give blood. Putting myself in that kind of experience, I'm not there yet. I feel like the charity let me down for putting me in that situation."

Asked whether he went into the show intending to stay for the full duration, Pratt said, "I went in there knowing I was probably going to [say], 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!' in the first five minutes," he said. "I wanted to do it on the helicopter."

The couple, of course, have been embroiled in a battle of words with "Today" show host Al Roker in the wake of their combative interview with him on Monday.

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