Megan Fox Thinks Robert Pattinson Is 'Pretty'

Newly single 'Transformers' star says she's never actually met RPattz.

Perhaps being back on the singles scene has made [movie id="369059"]"Transformers"[/movie] star [movieperson id="333331"]Megan Fox[/movieperson] reconsider her feelings about [movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] heartthrob [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson]. There was a time when Fox said she wouldn't consider dating Pattinson, or Zac Efron for that matter, because in her opinion they are too young and too pretty.

"I mean, he's outrageously attractive, he's like a very pretty man," she told MTV UK when asked about the rumors that she and Pattinson were at one time romantically involved. "I've never been in a room with him, though, so those rumors aren't true. ... Although, you know every other girl on the planet wishes that it was, but I didn't have the opportunity so."

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At the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" premiere in Berlin, Fox did confirm that she'd broken up with former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star Brian Austin Green. "I'm currently what you would call single, I guess," she said, according to The Sun.

When asked who she has on her radar next, she said, "There is this Korean Justin Timberlake named Rain, and I'm really on his situation now. I'm trying to fix this up. I'm working hard."

Back in May, Fox, 23, told Elle magazine that the one reason she was interested in her ex was that he had the maturity she looks for in a man. "Boys in their 20s are a waste of time," she said. "They have nothing to offer conversationally. They're immature. I feel like I have a better shot with someone in his 30s."