50 Cent Reveals His Plan To Bring Back Hard-Core Hip-Hop

Young Buck learns a valuable lesson, in Mixtape Daily.

50 Cent has a mission: to make sure hard-core rap music thrives. Fif is about to hit us with his War Angel LP. The G-Unit dropped the first record, "Redrum (Murder)" — real soulful, real hard. According to Fif, this is going to be the mixtape ... er, street album of his career. The project is available for free download via 50's Web site. As always, keep checking for us at Mixtape.MTV.com.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Street Album: War Angel LP

Headliner: 50 Cent

Essential Info: Polow Da Don and Timbaland were so excited about the project, they almost gave Fif tracks. But production from those two will more than likely pop up on Before I Self Destruct, due in September. The G-Unit General is warming the scene up before summer officially hits, dropping his new mixtape before the official product.

If you're curious about the title, know that it's not about a beef with one person in particular — this war angel is fed up with the watered-down music in hip-hop right now. It's not what he adored growing up as a fan.

"What I fell in love with initially ain't even in the mutha----in' art form anymore. It's cool because there's an opportunity for me to become [that] to a whole new generation ... because of their age group, they're not aware of it.

"Now I gotta shift the energy," 50 added. "I gotta make them follow me. After they follow me, they'll be able to make real hip-hop records and make them successful. I have to have a successful project with really good hip-hop music to make these people go, 'OK, we can make [a real hip-hop album].' I have to be successful to make the record companies go, 'We can support this guy that wrote a rap album' instead of feeling like 'We need him to go on this record with Ne-Yo or Dream. Get somebody on there to do the hook.' That's the concept of what they feel they can present to the public and that's not what the f--- I was going on when I started."

Who's next and who dominates — right here, all week long!.

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50 is debuting the entire mixtape Tuesday (June 16) on Hot 97 with Funkmaster Flex then posting it on his Web site that night for free download. The Queens MC is also hiring new video directors — a different one for each clip — to come up with visuals for the mixtape.

"When I start writing music to my core, I'm talking about the way I came up, the way I was raised," he explained. "That's easy to me. Tell me to make a commercial pop record, a commercial hit record and that's more difficult to me than to create concepts that people are excited about where I'm from."

After War Angel, 50 says to look for Sincerely Southside, on which he'll be rapping over some '90s R&B hits, as well as a full G-Unit mixtape prior to the release of Before I Self Destruct.

"I write at a rapid pace," he said. "I have binges. There's points I'll be in the studio ... I've met moments when I'm there and unmotivated by production. Just there and unexcited about the whole sh--. Then there's times when every beat that comes on, I have an idea."

Mixtape: Back on My Buck Sh--

Headliner: Young Buck

Co-Starring: DJs Scream and Smallz

Key Collaborations: "Ups and Downs" (featuring Lil Wayne), "What They Talking About" (featuring Plies), "Bag it Up" (featuring All Star and Yo Gotti)

Essential Info: We hit you with a nice tease last week but, as promised, here is the full piece on Young Buck's Back on My Buck Sh--.

"Lyrically, I think I've grown. This mixtape right here, as you listen to it you're gonna always get the energy from Young Buck, but the content I'm speaking on is reality-based. Records about the reality of my life is pretty much my strong point in music — as well as the party music and the trap music, you're gonna always get that from me. That's what formed Young Buck. But I like to venture in different lanes and reinvent myself as an artist every time around."

Buck says a record that hits home for him is "A Lot to Learn."

"I think I learned something right now — 90 percent business and 10 percent talent," Buck said. "If you ain't got the streets, you ain't got nothing.

"My survival comes with how hard I hustle, so my hustle never stops," he added. "I've been making sure my business is totally correct so I could get everything I deserve. Everything I go out and learn. No disrespect to none of the labels out there, but I feel if they're able to take from someone, they're gonna do it. Right now I'm focused on the business. That's why I'm able to create Cashville Records and have legendary artists like C-Bo and the Outlawz."

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