Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert Make Our Celeb High-School Superlatives

What if Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Speidi all graduated together? We imagine just that for Class of '09 Week.

High school graduation time means one thing: doling out senior superlatives to the most memorable members of each graduating class. In honor of Class of '09 Week, MTV News imagined what it would be like if our favorite celebrities were all graduating this year.

How cool would it be if Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Speidi all went to high school together? All of those stars managed to make our list for 2009's celeb superlatives.

Everyone's BFF: Kris Allen

Despite beating Adam Lambert on "American Idol," Kris Allen managed to win his rival's heart. He also became America's crush when he was named this year's winner.

Class Cutie: [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist]

Even when she's penning breakup songs about boys we'll never know (and some we do), she manages to win us over with her keen, honest songwriting.

Class Clown: [artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist]

It's kind of hard not to give the man who made the "We Got the Munchies!!!" video the title of class clown. Just the image of Soulja Boy holding up various vending-machine snacks and laughing hysterically at the thought of devouring them makes us laugh too.

Biggest Klutz: [movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart[/movieperson]

She is admittedly quite awkward when it comes to being in the public eye, but her defining klutz moment came when she fumbled her Golden Popcorn at the MTV Movie Awards.

Most Unique: [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist]

She doesn't wear pants, and she frequently wears a bow made out of hair. This, in combination with her flamboyant stage show and persona, has reminded everyone that uniqueness and creativity can get you a top spot on the charts.

Picture Perfect: [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson]

Over the course of this past school year, RPattz and his devil-may-care hairstyle have become the go-to screensaver for lovelorn ladies. Of course he's our most picture perfect, even if he's too shy to admit it.

Most Changed: [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist]

Britney Spears has easily done the biggest career 180 in recent pop-music history. She has quickly gone from an umbrella-wielding, beleaguered celeb back to being a chart-topping superstar. For that, she has calmed our nerves and rekindled our love for her.

Broadway-Bound: Adam Lambert

Let's face it: This guy has a flair for the theatrical, which he displayed week after week on "Idol." Aside from his upcoming debut album, we smell a future on the Great White Way for Mr. Lambert.

Best Eyes: Chris Pine

Those sparkling blue eyes melted our hearts every time he looked into the camera in "Star Trek," managing to convert anyone who doesn't quite get the appeal of sci-fi flicks into full on Trekkers.

Best to Bring Home to Mom and Dad: The [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist]

Although they can't promise they won't break your heart, the Jonas Brothers are most certainly three nice boys from New Jersey who only ask that if you date them, you're nice to their mom. We're sure your mom would appreciate that!

Chatterbox: [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist]

Although Kanye West will never go on Twitter, we can always count on the all-caps rants on his blog. He'll write about anything, ranging from his favorite pair of shoes to how happy he is you love his latest song. It's not really about what he has to say, it's just the fact that he has something to say.

Dynamic Duo: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, a.k.a. Speidi

Any couple who give themselves a nickname reserved for power couples like Brangelina are at the very least dynamic. Speidi have managed to bring drama to "The Hills," "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" and the world of hip-hop.

Cutest Couple: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Somehow, Zac and Vanessa managed to be adorable together in the "High School Musical" movies and in real life, attending events like the Oscars and movie premieres. They're proving that even in real life, the star basketball player falls for the drama geek.

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