Chace Crawford Auditioned For 'Footloose' Shirtless

'It was the most colorful and dynamic and fun audition I think I've ever had,' director Kenny Ortega says.

Forget [movieperson id="438080"]Zac Efron[/movieperson]. "Footloose" director Kenny Ortega found his new Kevin Bacon when he hired "Gossip Girl" star [movieperson id="405053"]Chace Crawford[/movieperson] to star in his remake of the classic '80s film.

"I didn't know what Chace was going to bring into the room," Ortega told British Web site FemaleFirst. "All I can say is that he flew in early in the morning from the East Coast. Arrived just so in the zone, so ready and dedicated to do it."

Ortega added that the man who plays Nate Archibald on television "fully invested himself. It was the most colorful and dynamic and fun audition I think I've ever had. And he's awesome and he's ready to do this."

How fun did the audition get? Well, if you happen to be a Crawford fan, it got really fun since the actor, who Ortega describes as "colorful and smart and dedicated," ended up shirtless at one point.

"And I mean he was just jumping into everything. When I said, 'OK, let's dance,' you know the normal would be you'd see a little bit of a head bop, right?" he said. "And he just said, 'OK, where?' 'Face the mirror, man.' And he was there. He took off his shirt, he was in his T-shirt and jeans, and hit it. And that's the kind of man I wanted for this role."

If that isn't enough to convince fans that Crawford deserves the role, he recently told MTV News that Kevin Bacon gave him his blessing to play the part. "Yes, yes, he brought out this little thing of oil. It was really weird and, like, it just dripped down ever so slightly," he said. "It was cool."

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