Pretty Ricky Fans, Others Flaunt Skills At Air Sex World Championships

Famous ottoman-molesting group Peer Pressure judge Atlanta round of second-annual competition.

We're not sure if it's due to the recession, the swine flu or the spring air, but there's a whole lot of humping going on these days. We're talking off-the-charts ... enough to make R. Kelly blush.

First, [artist id="1918586"]Pretty Ricky[/artist] lothario Spectacular set YouTube ablaze with a single pair of red bikini briefs and some serious pelvis popping.

Then, he raised the temperature again with another video, this one showcasing his furniture-humping prowess (we still feel bad for that folding chair).

Now, as if to show the world that Pretty Ricky members don't corner the market in this new art form, there's the second annual Air Sex World Championships.

That's right. What originally began as a semi-monthly competition in Austin, Texas, has become a 16-city tour designed to seek out the greatest Air Sexer in the world.

Competitors choose a clip of music, show up in whatever costume they've designed, and get to the grinding. They have judges and rules (including no nudity and no actual orgasms) and everything. This is all very real.

The tour kicked off June 6 with a hometown hump-off in Austin. On Tuesday it hit Atlanta, and in a move that will forever live in the annals of competitive Air Sex, they invited Peer Pressure to kick off the competition.

For those not in the know, Peer Pressure are one of the two biggest names in air humping. In 2007, they became Internet sensations thanks to a salacious series of YouTube clips in which they pummeled defenseless furniture with their pelvises, often to the strains of Pretty Ricky's "Late Night Special." They became embroiled in a feud with another group of furniture romancers, the Fantasy Boiz, and shortly thereafter, they basically disappeared from the face of the Earth.

But Tuesday night they were back ... or at least two members of the group were. They drove in from their home town of Montgomery, Alabama, to open the evening's festivities with a dual ottoman hump (said ottoman was then autographed and given away in a raffle). Then they served as judges for the Air Sex competition, after which they disappeared into the night, perhaps to hit up a late-night furniture emporium or something.

The Air Sex World Championships will hit New York City on Friday (June 12). No word on whether Peer Pressure will be along to hump something there, too, but we seriously doubt it. As founder Tim League points out, the Championships aren't really about celebrity, they're about something much greater.

"Air Sex is sort of like Air Guitar," League said. "Except instead of pretending to play an invisible guitar on stage, contestants get up there and pretend to have sex with someone who isn't there."

Very true. Is it getting hot in here, or what?