Paulina Rubio Inspired By Miami For New Album And Video

Singer named her new LP Gran City Pop after a fictional town where 'love prospers and there is no violence.'

After a two-year absence, Mexican pop diva [url id=""]Paulina Rubio[/url] is back on the scene with something unexpected. While the Latin hitmaker might be known primarily for fun, super-catchy pop tunes, her new single, "Causa y Efecto," has a slight rocker edge that Paulina says reflects her desire to grow as an artist.

"I love to do something different all the time," Rubio said. "I don't repeat myself. I've been growing, and I think my music has evolved over time."

That willingness to try new things is a theme carried throughout the music video, which shows the singer fronting a band and rocking out on guitar.

"It's all about the performance, and the rock-and-roll [aspect], glam rock and the rhythm of it," Paulina said about the '80s-inspired video that also features her bedazzled face, made up to look like a human disco ball. "It's really funky. And we also have the skyline of Miami, 'cause we really love the city."

The city also features prominently in the concept of the Miami resident's upcoming ninth studio release, Gran City Pop — named after an imaginary city Paulina created to fuse together the broad musical influences and life experiences reflected on the album's 10 songs.

"Gran City Pop is a city where people speak Spanglish, where freedom reigns and where love prospers and there is no violence," Paulina said. "The city itself was inspired by several places, including Mexico, which is my homeland; Madrid, Spain; and Miami in the U.S."

And in this utopia she has envisioned, the gay icon says same sex-marriage would no longer even be an issue.

"I think the most beautiful thing is two people who love each other. It shouldn't be prohibited for people that love each other to get married. Gran City Pop is a city where, above all, human rights are important. Gays would absolutely be allowed to marry."

Paulina's Gran City Pop drops June 23, and she plans to kick off her tour next month, hitting Europe first and arriving Stateside this fall.

All this week, MTV News will be celebrating Miami's legends, superstars and upstarts. Keep checking back with us for more from the evolving city.