Cool & Dre Give Us A Tour Of Their Miami Digs

'It's just a great place for us to make music,' Dre says of the duo's spread.

MIAMI — Recording artists have the Cool & Dre guarantee when journeying to Miami to visit their Lake Oasis facility.

"Everything is happening," Cool said. "People leave the studio with a smile on their face."

Not only are you going to get some hot beats, but you'll enjoy all of the amenities the Miami duo are building right now. They call it a studio, but Lake Oasis is more of a combination of a recording lair/ hangout spot/ home/ aquatic fun house.

"We do a lot of cooking because Cool is a chef," said Dre, standing next to his partner of the better part of the last two decades. "When we decided to take a studio, we wanted it to be real unique. So we got Lake Oasis — it's on 1.5 acres. One of our good friends found this spot for us. The kitchen is phenomenal, we have a lake in the back. We got a couple of jet-skis, 23-footer boat — something real simple to provide the vibes for the studio."

"We're still in construction mode, but you see the spot coming together like a movie," Cool explained.

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Cool & Dre's game plan is simple: make the flyest studio possible so their latest clientele such as Young Jeezy, Lloyd and possibly Kanye West can just enjoy their surroundings while creating — especially once the sunroof, pool house with accompanying pool and sun deck are completed.

"Two cabanas, TVs, couches — you'll be able to hear your music up there," Cool said, pointing to a roof area where the deck is going to be. "Write your music up there. Where you're standing is going to be the future pool."

"It's just a great place for us to make music," Dre added. "Friends come through here, from Jeezy to Amerie to DJ Khaled, the Birdman, Lil Wayne. People we make music with. Me and Cool like to define ourselves as producers. We tell people we make music with our friends. It's coming together. Next door, our neighbor has a plane hangar — he flies a plane out of his yard.

"This is home — we could be in here 12, 14 hours a day," he continued. "We made sure we built the studio so we could have a view of the lake — that way we keep the vibes right. When they come in and work, we say we could make hit records all day or we could do something important. Like that Coldplay [Viva la Vida] record is important — 2008, when the market crashed and everything went to hell ... we went through a huge generational shift. I was hearing Coldplay on 'Hardball,' on 'Morning Joe' ... it was an important record.

"That's what we wanna do," he said. "We wanna entertain as well."

"These times are so important," Cool added. "You gotta make the sound bed for it. Down the line, it's just gonna repeat itself. Look at Jeezy's 'Circulate.' People say, 'My favorite record is "Circulate." Jeezy got a singer to sound like an old-school guy.' I said, 'No, that's Billy Paul, that's a sample [of "Let The Dollar Circulate"].' He's just singing what they was going through in the '70s and it matched perfectly what was happening now. Billy Paul played his position for what was going on back then. Me and Dre are trying to do that now."

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