Joe Jonas Explains Why He Did 'Single Ladies'

The Jonas Brother says he donned a leotard and painful heels for the sake of his fans.

First, it was the Beyoncé fans. Then it was Justin Timberlake on "Saturday Night Live." And sometime last week, months after the song dominated radio airwaves and YouTube, a video of Joe Jonas doing his rendition of the "Single Ladies" dance popped up online. It's already attracted close to 4 million views.

The video made many wonder why Joe decided to release a video of himself donned up in a leotard and heels for Beyoncé's girl power anthem so late in the game. But the middle JoBro explained to MTV News that it was not entirely his idea.

"We filmed the video for the fans," Jonas said. "We did a contest where we were figuring out what would you like Joe to do, and you pick one [out of three choices]. One was play bongos for 10 minutes, one was wrestle with [our bodyguard] Big Rob and one was do the 'Single Ladies' dance. I've only seen [Beyoncé's] video like maybe twice in my life, and we filmed it twice, so ... it was cool."

Although doing a dance he barely knew did pose a problem for the 19-year-old, there was a bigger issue during his performance: "Heels are really hard to wear. I feel bad for every girl that has to wear heels or chooses to wear heels," he said. "They're not fun."

The video caused such a sensation that when the Jonas Brothers YouTube site went down for a few hours, fans thought that someone had put the smack-down on it. But Nick assured everyone that was not the case at all. "There was a glitch in the system, for like a couple of hours," he said. "But it was all good."

As far as Joe knows, Beyoncé and her people haven't tried to take down his homage. "It may look like it was bad, like somebody, Beyoncé, got upset, but it was all good," he said. "It's back up now."