Lil Wayne Would Love To Be Prince In 'Purple Rain'

Young Buck shows 'respect' to the G-Unit but still wants out, in Mixtape Daily.

Main Pick Preview: Young Buck's Back on My Buck Sh--

Nuh-uh — you can't get the whole thing this week. We're gonna give you a quick taste of the product, and we'll see you with the main pick in its entirety next week. We got a nice sneak peek, though.

Young Buck just dropped his mixtape Back on My Buck Sh--, and his stance on his affiliation with the G-Unit (at least in this interview) has softened a bit. "Much respect to them dudes, but I'm doing my thing right now," Buck said.

Like Lloyd Banks, Buck said he's officially off Interscope but still signed to the G-Unit.

"To be honest, I'm trying to get away from that situation," he said in Atlanta. "No sooner than I get away from that situation, you'll be hearing from Young Buck."

By that, he means a full album. He has secured distribution through Sony Red for his Cashville Records. C-Bo and the Outlaws are still down with him.

If there's one thing Buck has learned from having his differences with 50 Cent and his pitfalls in the music industry, it's that the game is "90 percent business and 10 percent talent." Sticking with the business theme, he said fans should check for his track "Letter to the Labels."

"That's letting the labels know I'mma do it with or without you," he said. "Cashville Records, we got this."

Buck is shooting a movie called "No Warning" with Omar Gooding.

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Lil Wayne got a huge laugh out of watching Forest Whitaker perform "Di-- in a Box" during last week's MTV Movie Awards. That's definitely a moment he didn't expect form his "Hurricane Season" co-star.

"I just finished shooting a movie with Forest too. He's a very serious guy," Wayne said after the show in Universal City, California. "I just spoke to him before he went out there, and he was like, 'You did good in the movie.' Then he goes out there and sings that. I'm like, 'Wow.' "

"Hurricane Season" comes out later this year. The movie centers on a high school basketball team in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. "Everything was wonderful, and just doing it in New Orleans, it being a true story, and just contributing in any kind of way, it was great for me."

Wayne — who also gives his stamp of approval to "Twilight" (his daughter is a fan) — says he doesn't have any other roles lined up yet, but his album The Rebirth is dropping August 18. If Wayne had to choose his dream movie role, it's easy for Weezy: He'd be the Kid.

"Prince in Purple Rain," he answered when asked what role he would want. "Watch out now."

MTV News is celebrating Miami Week this week. You'll get to see the top MCs right now, the legends, the producers, the DJs — all the upcoming talent. We're loaded. Although Wayne reps N.O. at heart, he loves Miami. Not only does he have a crib out there, Weezy makes songs out in M.I.A. Take a look at the footage we have of Mr. F. Baby during the Tha Carter III recording sessions.

Miami Mind State

Shout-out to all the natives who made Miami theme records and repped their city hard. Here, we're calling out some records that gave props to M.I.A. There's a million of them — these are just a few we love.

Jay-Z's "Reservoir Dogs" (featuring the LOX, Beanie Sigel and Sauce Money)

Lyric: "Gangsters don't die, they get chubby and move to Miami"

Conclusion: Jadakiss' line is a classic. Even the toughest dude can find a place to chill down bottom. Just be careful not to consume too much of that good food at Phillippe or Mango's on the strip.

Rick Ross' "Rich Off Cocaine"

Lyric: "Miami nights/ I'm living the life"

Conclusion: Avery says it all. Whether you're ballin' on a budget or sitting on Tony Montana paper, you can literally have the time of your life on just a regular night in Miami.

Nas' "Blaze a 50"

Lyric: "Blaze a 50/ Sit back in the drop-top Azure Bentley/ Of course with me, this chick who'd make Bobby divorce Whitney/ Brazilian candy from Miami/ Masseuse, wedding ring on, lovin' Celine Dion"

Conclusion: Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's divorce kinda takes the sting from Nas' rhyme, but back in the '90s, that line was the truth! In short, there were and always will be bad chicks in M.I.A.

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