Blink-182 Will Tour And Record 'As Long As It's Fun'

'There's no end game and no plan at all,' Mark Hoppus says.

Reality is a harsh thing. Once the initial bouts of joy that accompanied the Blink-182 reunion had subsided, doubt began to creep in, and many fans were left to wonder: Does this thing have any legs? Would this be just a one-and-done situation? Would [artist id="783"]Blink[/artist] sell out arenas, make a perfunctory record, then disappear quietly into the night once again? Would they really toy with our hearts?

Well, blissed-out Blink fanatics can rest easy. Because it sounds like Mark, Tom and Travis are in this for the long haul.

In an interview with their hometown San Diego Union-Tribune, the guys said that they're planning to tour and record for as long as they're having fun. Which, given the amount of scatological jokes they've been rediscovering lately, could mean forever.

"I hate when bands get back together and do one tour, and it feels like they're going to make a bunch of money, and then they go away for a while and then come back again," Mark Hoppus told the paper. "We did this [reunion] to continue being creative and having fun. I see us continuing to tour and put out albums as long as it's fun. There's no end game and no plan at all. We enjoy playing music together, that's all."

Tom DeLonge echoed the sentiment, joking that they had "no end game, no plan and no practice. ... We're just going to see where that takes us." He added that Blink haven't had all that much time to sit around and hash out their past feelings and future endeavors, not with a relatively humongous arena tour looming on the horizon.

"It's definitely [interesting] how rapidly things can change from day to day," DeLonge said. "I have a lot of anxiety right now about the tour and how big it is."

And while it might sound like there's plenty of anxiety, there's also plenty of fun involved, which suggests that the Blink-182 reunion really could go on and on.

"Oh, it's so fun," drummer Travis Barker said. "This is a breath of fresh air."