'I'm A Celebrity' Producer Says Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt's Roles Are An 'Enigma'

Paul Telegdy says it's up to the cast whether Speidi stay.

On Monday and Tuesday night's episodes of "I'm a Celebrity," Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt claimed several times that they were leaving the Costa Rican jungle, where they'e competing on the show, because they said they were "too rich and famous" to be there. But, come Wednesday night the pair had returned to the show, blaming the devil for their departure.

But just because Heidi and Spencer are back doesn't necessarily mean it's for good. "Spencer and Heidi's role is as ever a complete enigma!" Paul Telegdy, NBC's executive vice president of alternative programming, told People.com.

And Satan references aside, Telegdy admitted that even he wasn't sure why the duo decided to return, saying that it may take some convincing to get the rest of the cast on board for their return.

"We are going to go talk to the cast and we are going to say, 'Guys, Spencer and Heidi want back in. We ourselves are not yet clear why ... but should they complete a task set by producers," he explained. "We would like you to decide whether or not you would like them back.'"

But, jungle life isn't just driving Heidi and Spencer crazy. It has also had an affect on the show's other cast members. "John Salley's been sobbing and crying and weeping like a man of his size rarely does!" Telegdy said. "He had an argument with Janice [Dickinson] and in remorse was absolutely, honestly heartbroken."