Asher Roth Says Great Hangover Tour Is 'Mainly About Having Fun'

'We really just wanted people to have a good time,' Roth says of summer tour with Kid Cudi.

As he and [artist id="3066140"]Kid Cudi[/artist] get ready to embark on their Great Hangover Tour, [artist id="3123015"]Asher Roth[/artist] said their goal is to throw a party with good music and good people.

"We really just wanted people to have a good time," Roth told MTV News. By calling the tour "Great Hangover," Roth explained, they're pointing out that "if you [leave] the party, and you're not hungover the next morning, you didn't do it right."

The "I Love College" rapper has all but put the fun-loving side of college behind him, and he said that Kid Cudi shares that same free spirit. While Roth caught flak last month for a Twitter post some read to be offensive, and Cudi took to his blog to declare his retirement back in March, Asher said they wanted to put those distractions aside.

"We wanted to direct a tour that was mainly about music and mainly about having fun," Roth said. "And that's why Cudi and I decided to headline the Great Hangover."

Roth also felt that the tour would give them a chance to connect with fans. Artists can make their money off of their iTunes sales, he said, but touring gives them the chance to see and feel their fans' energy and vice-versa.

Asher also warned that fans shouldn't expect any over-the-top sets like Kanye West's Glow in the Dark tour, but they should expect to clap their hand and sing along.

Joining them on tour will be Pac Div, 88-Keys and fellow MC to Watch B.o.B, a.k.a. Bobby Ray. Asher was excited about what each act would bring to the table.

"With all of these guys, we have performers," Roth said. "It's not just rappers up there rapping. All of us want to be up there, and we are having a good time with it. I think the energy of the people we're going to attract is going to be good."