Eminem Fans Divided Over His Comments On Brüno Incident

Some applaud the MTV Movie Awards gag, others don't.

Hard as it may be for some to believe that [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] was in on his incident with Brüno at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, the MC's comments on the stunt have certainly gotten fans talking.

After Eminem said he was "thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it," the response was sharply divided over whether the bit was a hilarious display of good humor by Slim Shady or a bad look for a rapper.

Many of the comments applauded Eminem and [movie id="327307"]Brüno[/movie] for pulling off the stunt so well. MTViewer89 labeled it "one of the best pranks of all time had so many people fooled including me. People were getting so emotional about it. Hell yeah, Shady, best prank ever."

Shorty333 chalked it all up to Marshall Mathers' marketing genius. "He can take a joke better than most entertainers ... and laugh all the way to the bank! Shock value sells. Not only is he a truly talented artist ... but he is a stable cultural icon and I give him an immense amount of credit for all he has accomplished!!! Congrats!" And asid12345678 wrote, "lol ... this guy shud get an MTV award ... classic acting!"

Hislady4lyfe said haters were focusing on all the wrong things. "Props to MTV, Eminem and Sacha Baron Cohen for this absolutely hilarious display of pure acting talent!" Lyfe wrote. "This was fantastic. Whether it's 'gay' or not for Eminem to have agreed to this stunt really isn't the issue here ... Honestly, there were nominees in the Best Kiss category for male/male saliva swapping ... who cares that Em let Borat do this? It's pretty f----n funny if ya ask me."

However, others were more skeptical. "I'm not buying it," wrote HotMilk. "Eminem is trying to save his 'tough guy' image." Jlupi agreed, writing that "the incident was worse if it was staged."

Itaintme simply didn't believe the whole story. "Watch the clip again. I'm sorry I really don't think EM knew about this," Aintme wrote. "He looks pissed off. And I don't think he would have gone back to the hotel and laugh about it, why didn't he laugh then and stay at the show?"