Angelina Jolie, Oprah, Madonna Top Forbes Celebrity 100

Beyoncé and Tiger Woods round out top five most powerful celebs.

Move over Oprah, it’s [movieperson id=”31834″]Angelina Jolie[/movieperson]’s turn. Despite banking an eye-popping $275 million last year, the queen of all media takes a backseat to actress/humanitarian Jolie on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list of the world’s most powerful celebrities.

Jolie rules a top five that also includes [artist id=”1098″]Madonna[/artist] (#3), [artist id=”1236911″]Beyoncé[/artist] (#4) and the only male in the bunch, golfer Tiger Woods (#5). According to the magazine, Jolie notched the top spot after a year that saw her release hit films “Kung Fu Panda” and “Wanted” (the article fails to mention her Oscar-nominated role in “Changeling”), earn $27 million at the box office, cause quite a stir with the birth of her twins with Brad Pitt (who is #9 on the list), continue her many philanthropic efforts and manage the non-stop tabloid coverage of her relationship with Pitt.

That buzz package beat Winfrey, who made a strong showing with earnings that again came in just under $300 million thanks to her monthly magazine and a $55 million deal with XM satellite radio, despite slipping ratings for her daily gabfest.

Madonna came in at #3 with $110 million, primarily due to her smash Hard Candy world tour, which grossed a total of $280 million, as well as publicity over her divorce, alleged love affair with baseball player Alex Rodriguez and attempts to adopt a second child. Beyoncé’s equally impressive $87 million tally came from album sales, touring, film work, her Dereon fashion collection, appearances at the Oscars and the Presidential Inaugural Ball and a number of endorsement deals.

Despite being injured and not playing for half the year, Woods still raked in $110 million through a bevy of endorsement deals, appearance fees and a well-paying gig designing golf courses.

Proving that “Twilight” pays in more ways than one, the author of the popular vampire series, Stephenie Meyer, debuted on the list at #26 this year via 29 million books sold and a smash movie, which earned her $50 million. Also hitting the list for the first time was Taylor Swift (#69), who made $18 million from touring, album sales and endorsement deals.

Among the others on the list: Bruce Springsteen (#6), Jennifer Aniston (#8), Kobe Bryant (#10), Will Smith, (#11), Britney Spears (#13), Coldplay (#15), Tom Cruise (#20), Simon Cowell (#25), Miley Cyrus (#29), Jay-Z (#32), Diddy (#35), Ryan Seacrest (#44), Kanye West (#46), 50 Cent (#50), the Jonas Brothers (#60), Daniel Radcliffe (#70), Carrie Underwood (#75) and Anne Hathaway (#85).

President Barack Obama became the first sitting head of state to make the cut, debuting at #49 on a combination of his historic election victory and $2.5 million earned from book sales.

Despite the global economic meltdown, the magazine reported that the cumulative earning power of the Celebrity 100 was $4.1 billion, up a bit from last year’s $4 billion figure. The magazine configures its list by measuring the entertainment-related earnings and media visibility of film and TV actors, athletes, models, chefs, authors and musicians, tallied between June of 2008 and June 2009.

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