Before Eminem, Brüno Tried His Charms On Sway

The Austrian fashion reporter's MTV Movie Awards antics began early on Sunday night.

Brüno didn't make international headlines at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards until he swooped down from the rafters and landed with his bare butt uncomfortably close to Eminem's nose. But earlier in the evening, when the outrageous Austrian fashion reporter sashayed onto the red carpet and stopped to talk with our own Sway Calloway, we all should have known that he was getting set to unleash some scandalously funny hijinks inside the Gibson Amphitheatre.

Of course, Sway did try to get things off to a safe start with the usual red-carpet question: "So, who are you wearing?"

Brüno, who is being sued for allegedly getting into a fight with a woman at an elderly bingo game, gave a standard answer regarding his skintight leopard-print top. Then he turned his attention to his skimpy leopard-print underwear. "My kugelsack is encased in Roberto Cavalli," he said, gesturing downward.

He then tried to show Sway what he was wearing (or rather, not wearing) beneath those Cavalli briefs. Ever the professional, Sway averted his eyes, but Brüno kept his trained on our reporter.

"You know who I'd love to be wearing?" Brüno asked. "You, wrapped around my neck like a naughty scarf!"

At this point, Sway seemed to be doing his best not to burst into laughter. "I'm not sure the possibilities of that, but enjoy the show, Brüno," he said politely.

"I love black guys," Brüno responded. "I'm a chocoholic."

He then headed into the theater, changed out of his animal-print outfit and into the garb of a raunchy, winged angel, and fell half-naked from the sky onto Eminem's head. And the rest, as we all know, is MTV Movie Awards history.

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