Pretty Ricky's Spectacular Takes On His Male Haters In New Video

He also gets up-close-and-personal with a folding chair in the scandalous clip.

Spectacular has a problem. It seems a large portion of the population — you know, the portion that's male — watched his utterly amazing, pirouette-and-banana-hammock-fueled YouTube clip, the one he dubbed "a grinding challenge" to R&B pelvis-thrusters like [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] and [artist id="3006111"]Day26[/artist]. The [artist id="1918586"]Pretty Ricky[/artist] member took issue with this, because the video was strictly for the ladies.

The libidinous, lip-licking lothario already made this point during an interview last week with Chicago radio personality Kendra G, saying, "Everybody knows I'm not gay. ... The underwear was for the ladies." But he apparently felt the need to explain it once again with another YouTube clip. And lots of furniture humping.

"I got a situation to address. For everybody that watched that video — and it wasn't really for you to watch — I clearly said, 'Strictly for the ladies,' " Spectacular tells the camera. "Now, I'mma say it again to get it clear: 'Strictly for the ladies.' If you don't watch it, you won't have no comment."

He then gets down to business, popping his pecs, rippling his abs and positively pummeling a helpless folding chair with his pelvis. Over and over again. From many different angles. Seriously, it never stops. And then he does a back-flip. Oh, and he's wearing black boxers this time.

We applaud Spec for giving a knowing nod to the ottoman-ravaging craze of 2007 (which was, in its own right, a knowing nod to Pretty Ricky themselves), but we're not exactly sure how this is supposed to clear up the whole "strictly for the ladies" controversy. And we're not even going to begin to attempt to comprehend the flawed logic of the entire thing. (If Spec's first video was, in fact, a grinding challenge to the male R&B stars of the world, how were they supposed to respond to it if they weren't allowed to in the first place?) But really ... does any of that matter? It's a dude humping a folding chair. We cannot wait for his next retort.