Will Ferrell's 'Land Of The Lost' Won't Upset Fans Of Original

Unhampered by legions of fanboys, Ferrell says this reboot had room to 'expand.'

Summer 2009 is shaping up to be the season of movie reboots. With [movie id="305755"]"Star Trek"[/movie] and [movie id="347265"]"Terminator Salvation"[/movie] already behind us, [movieperson id="190407"]Will Ferrell's[/movieperson] big-budget take on trippy '70s kids show "Land of the Lost" will be hitting theaters on Friday. Will "LOTL" die-hards be as pleased with this updated version as Trekkers were by J.J. Abrams' fresh adaptation? Or as disappointed as the "Terminator" addicts who were jonesing for a killer flick six years after the last one?

With a laugh, Ferrell assured MTV News that his summer movie will avoid a fanboy backlash for the simple reason that there just aren't that many reactionary "LOTL" fans out there. "They can't be too hard on us, because while 'Land of the Lost' is known to some, it's not known to a wide audience, so we had to kind of expand it," he said.

While the movie replaces the cheesetastic special effects of the TV show with cutting-edge computer graphics, almost all the elements of the beloved original remain in place. So when Dr. Rick Marshall (Ferrell) and cohorts Holly (Anna Friel) and Will (Danny McBride) accidently get transported to an alternate dimension, they'll encounter the upright reptilian baddies known as Sleestaks, Chaka the amiable chimp-like creature and the mysterious planetary citizen Enik.

"You got Sleestaks, you got Rick, you got Chaka, you got the infamous sign on the rock, 'Beware of Sleestak,' " Ferrell said. "You have Enik, you have crystals, you have Grumpy the T-rex, so I don't want to hear it!"

That's not to say the filmmakers haven't taken some liberties with "LOTL" lore. For one thing, Holly and Will are no longer Rick's children but, respectively, a scientific researcher and a boorish survivalist. And one scene that was definitely not in the original occurs when Rick, Will and Chaka ingest some funky animal meat and descend into a psychedelic euphoria that has them close to engaging in some sort of bizarre, hilarious, man-on-man-on-Chaka make-out session.

Ferrell, however, promises that no chimps or men were harmed during the making of that scene. "Just at the last second we don't [kiss] because I say, 'I can't! I can't do it!' " he said.

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