'Twilight' Stars Hope 'New Moon' Dominates 2010 MTV Movie Awards

' 'New Moon' is going to be great,' Taylor Lautner promises backstage.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — After the stars of "Twilight" collected their Golden Popcorn statues at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, a new question emerged: Will "New Moon" win Best Movie next year?

"I would hope so," Ashley Greene said backstage just minutes after "Twilight" took home this year's honors, insisting that the currently filming sequel has the goods. "I think so."

"It's so exciting to see everyone again, and 'New Moon' is going to be great," Taylor Lautner told us on the red carpet. "We did a lot of improv on set. I was always finding cool ways to put some action into Jacob's role. I got to ride some dirt bikes — which is awesome. I got to do all the dirt-bike riding myself."

The only film franchise to ever repeat as Best Movie winner at the MTV Movie Awards is Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, which won all three years an installment was released. Now, Twilighters are hoping for a similar sweep. The first "New Moon" trailer certainly has the buzz, and the actors are hoping it's in the cards for the Cullens.

" 'New Moon' was a little different than 'Twilight,' " Michael Welch said of his experience filming the sequel. " 'Twilight' was just all of us dipping our toes in the water. We knew it was a successful series of books, but you never know if that success is going to transfer to film. Now, I think we know it's probably going to do pretty well, so the whole experience was just totally different. The production was different, and the fans are even more rabid, fanatic and supporting."

"There's a lot to live up to as well," added Christian Serratos, saying that although the cast now has the luxury of knowing their work will be seen by millions, that also brought some pressure. "Now that we're fully aware, it's more comfortable. But there's also a lot more to live up to, and we just want to make the fans happy."

"It's been different in that we have a different director, a different location," Elizabeth Reaser said of the "New Moon" shoot in Vancouver, British Columbia, with new director Chris Weitz. "But it's mostly different because it's such a huge deal now, whereas before we were shooting in Portland, running around and getting into trouble. Now, we have to be a little bit more mindful."

"This one felt like a bigger-budget movie," Peter Facinelli said. "And the catering was better."

If you were as excited as we were about the first "New Moon" trailer on the MTV Movie Awards, show us! Turn on that webcam, tape your reaction and upload it to YouRHere.MTV.com. Tag your upload as "Twilight" so we can find it, then check back here as we post the highlights!

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