Paramore Say 'We're Not The 'Twilight' House Band'

'I'm excited to see the films, but we kind of did what we did for 'Twilight,' ' frontwoman Hayley Williams says.

They contributed a pair of songs to its soundtrack, compared themselves to its star-crossed protagonists and campaigned for it in the weeks leading up to the MTV Movie Awards — but [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] might be finally be done talking about "Twilight."

"Yeah, we're not the 'Twilight' house band ... just making that statement now," frontwoman Hayley Williams laughed. "I'm a fan of the series, and I think that Stephenie Meyer is a great author, and I'm excited to see the films, but we kind of did what we did for 'Twilight,' and I feel like it's time to let other people, you know ..."

We do, indeed. But while she may be done serving as the de facto "Twilight" spokesperson, Williams is still a fan, which means that, like you, she's holding her breath for the film version of "New Moon." And it also means that she's not entirely done talking about the series just yet.

"I'm interested to see as the books progress, how the movies adapt to that," Williams said. "I'm a big fan of other vampire movies, like 'Underworld,' which are sort of like the opposite of 'Twilight,' which is more in the real world. So I'm excited to see them venture out into that other kind of dimension, and see how it works."

So what is she looking forward to seeing most in "New Moon"? Well, strangely enough, Dakota Fanning.

"I know Dakota Fanning is in it, playing Jane ... that's a really cool character for her to play," Williams said. "It will be perfect because Jane is meant to be very innocent-looking and angelic and Dakota Fanning has a lot of bite to her. I like a lot of her movies, and she's much more mature than she is old, you know? There's something about the way she carries herself."

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