'Eclipse' Casting Is Reportedly Under Way For Three Characters

Notices for Seth and Leah Clearwater and vampire Riley have gone out for the third 'Twilight' movie.

While we only just debuted the first trailer for "New Moon," the second film in the "Twilight" franchise, it's never too early to turn our attention to the third adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's vampire books, "Eclipse." And turn our attention we must, because casting for the June 2010 movie is currently under way.

E! Online reports that a casting notice has gone out for at least three "Eclipse" characters: vampire Riley and two siblings in the Quileute tribe of werewolves, Seth and Leah Clearwater.

According to the casting notice, Riley "is a handsome, blond, clean-cut college boy who falls victim to [vampire] Victoria." The character is in his early to mid-20s and "plays an integral role in Victoria's attempt to murder Bella Swan."

For the Clearwater siblings, filmmakers are looking for Native American or First Nations (Canadian Indian) actors. Seth is said to idolize fellow werewolf Jacob Black and to be a "tall, gangly limbed boy with a huge, happy grin," the notice explained.

Leah is 19-years-old and the only female member of the wolf pack. "She is tall and slender with beautiful skin and short cropped black hair," the notice said. "She would be considered gorgeous if not for the perpetual scowl she carries due to a broken heart and her anger issues."

Stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are already set to reprise their roles in "Eclipse." Shooting on the film is slated to begin in August, with David Slade ("30 Days of Night") taking over directing duties from "New Moon" helmer Chris Weitz.

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