Readers Sound Off About Brüno/Eminem Incident

Fans are split between defending and slamming Eminem, being amused or disgusted by MTV Movie Awards incident.

While there were many memorable moments from the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, without a doubt the most buzzed-about came when a bare-bottomed Brüno dropped from the rafters via wires and landed spread-eagle on [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist]. And nowhere is that buzz more heated than in the article's comments section.

Readers have been sounding off to defend Em and slam him, to praise Brüno and disparage him. We culled some of the most compelling comments to give our readers a front-and-center chance to air their often heated views.

Many readers jumped to Eminem's defense. "Anyone who actually found this act funny is ignorant of what Eminem has gone through and they probably find Eminem to be the rude one for leaving," wrote SuperWock33z. "Eminem should've hit Brüno in the n--s for that. This is no way to repay Emi."

Shelbi Mae agreed. "That was seriously wrong ... and it really doesn't matter if it was Eminem, Zac Efron, or Robert Pattinson ... you just don't send some idiot in a jockstrap flying down with his bare a-- in someone's face," she wrote. "If they agreed to do it then that's cool, but I seriously don't think Eminem really agreed to have some idiot's a-- in his face!!!"

Some, however, thought Em should have just laughed off the incident. "I think Eminem handled that the wrong way," wrote Guatie17. "It WAS the MTV Movie Awards! Outlandish things always happen on the show. He should have been prepared for whatever. And I don't understand why he found it necessary to leave, other than to prove that he's still the temper tantrum throwing rap artist he's always been."

But Hunnibunny thought Eminem played the situation perfectly, despite the seriousness of what happened. "It wasn't a joke, it was assault," the reader said. "Even if it was meant as a joke. Brüno is a nobody. Good job to Em for keeping his cool. He's not stupid. He did the only thing he could do; not beat the chump on live TV, and leave to plot his revenge."

And other readers thought another Hollywood star should have been Brüno's target. "I understand that the whole thing was a joke, but why do it to Em!" wrote Super Chick. "He just came back, and he is great!!!! Should've done it to Will Ferrell or someone that could have handled the humiliation! I think it was extremely rude and uncalled for! I would have been pissed too! That was disgusting! Eminem we support you!"

Many commenters had mixed feelings about the episode. "I'm kinda torn on this one," wrote Sherm. "Yeah I thought it was funny. Yeah I think Em should be pissed. However I think in Em's case if you can say all the sh-- you say about people (no matter how easy the target) then you should be able to take it too."

Like many others, Start2liejoe had nothing but praise for the entire thing. "This is the most random, weird, and funny thing I have ever seen," said the reader. "Pretty sure his bodyguards were taking some swings at [Brüno]. Sorry Brüno, you deserved that."

Bee was not persuaded. "Well, sincerely I didn't find it all that funny ... and I understand him if he got mad," the commenter said. "It's a very uncomfortable situation and I don't really think it has anything with being homophobic to do ... am I weird for not wanting another person's a-- in my face?"

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