Travis Barker, Soulja Boy Tell'em, Borat (!) Tweet About Eminem/ Brüno Incident

Even stars at MTV Movie Awards couldn't believe their eyes, and took to Twitter.

Eminem wasn't the only celebrity at Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards

who got an eyeful of Brüno's backside. In fact, a number of the stars in the audience (and those playing along at home) seemed just as surprised as Em when the Austrian model dropped from the rafters and landed on the rapper.

Among them was "Transformers" star Tyrese, who was in the house and Tweeted about the incident, wondering, "I don't know if the EM moment was real or not.. But I tell you what there is no BIGGER moment than that in this show. Highlights galore!" A short while later, he gave an update, telling his followers, "Warning TMI ALERT!!.. Hilarious.. The person who sat behind EM said dude's b---s was on peeeeyuuuu!.. Hilarius!"

You can always count on Ryan Seacrest to weigh in on all things pop culture, and while the "American Idol" host wasn't at the show, he opined that, "re bruno and em.. I have to think somehow Em's people knew Sasha would be lowered but might have been pissed about the full moon in his face." He later added, "First MTV person said real ... another said unsure ... I figure it was planned but Em didn't know Sasha's bare moon was going to be in his face."

Blink-182's Travis Barker was having none of it, Tweeting that, "If i was EMENIM I would've swung on him ... not kool. I love jokes but some dude's a-- in your face is a no no 4 me."

Perez Hilton, on the other hand, was kind of a fan, writing, "this has to be said ... Sasha Baron Cohen has a very nice a--!"

Soulja Boy Tell'em was right there when it all went down and he Tweeted in real time, typing, "Whooaaa!!!!! This naked dude just landed on Eminem in the audience ... Yooo Em is MAD!!!! That was messed up!!! I seen that naked dude on red carpet I was like WTF who is that eww."

Finally, none other than Borat — who bears a striking resemblance to Brüno, sans mustache of course — weighed in on the controversy on Monday. On his Twitter page, the Khazakstani funnyman offered the following insult to injury, "I found out last night that Eminem got his name from the size of his package."