Who Is Brüno?

After landing on Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards, the Austrian fashion reporter causes a stir.

For many viewers of the MTV Movie Awards, Sunday night's show was their first look at Brüno, the gay Austrian fashion correspondent. Of course, no one got a closer look than Eminem, who was minding his own business at the Gibson Amphitheatre when the flamboyant Brüno descended from the rafters dressed like an S&M angel and landed with his bare bum just inches from the rapper's face.

So, who exactly is this guy? Or, as the man himself might ask, "Who ist Brüno?"

Like Madonna or the Pope, Brüno doesn't need a last name. The Austrian-born TV reporter has made a career out of staging awkward, uncomfortable, ridiculously funny interviews with unsuspecting subjects, like a pastor who tries to cure gayness, and a group of macho college wrestlers who end up rolling around on the beach with a delighted Brüno.

He first came to widespread attention during appearances on the British comedy program, "Da Ali G Show." On July 10, Brüno's first feature film is poised to hit theaters. Based on the first trailer, which includes footage of nude bedroom brawls, adult-toy fights and tons of interactions with unaware interview subjects, audiences can expect more over-the-top craziness.

In the movie, we'll see the reporter lose his job after a disastrous outing at Milan fashion week and then flee to America to start a new life. This being Brüno, things don't go exactly according to plan. He ends up adopting a child from Africa, joining a military training camp and going hunting with a few burly Southerners who don't share his enthusiasm for "Sex and the City."

As far as we can tell from this early footage, Brüno doesn't straddle anyone's head half-naked, as he did with Eminem on Sunday, but who knows what might happen in the full film? Once you get to know Brüno, you'll realize that with this very special Austrian, anything is possible.

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