Andy Samberg On Hosting MTV Movie Awards: 'I Think It Went Well!'

Comedian talks about 'Twilight,' Forest Whitaker's singing, party plans.

Now that [movieperson id="446132"]Andy Samberg[/movieperson] has killed it as this year's host of the MTV Movie Awards, he's officially part of the MTV family. And although there are many perks that come along with that prestigious honor, he is looking forward to one in particular.

"This means I get invited to all the MTV parties now," he said just moments after the show ended, adding that his nerves really kicked into high gear as the big event started. "I think it went well."

The one aspect of the show that did take Samberg by surprise was the amount of Golden Popcorn statues that "Twilight" won. "A lot of 'Twilight' fans," he said. "I don't know where that came from. No one expected that."

Samberg — who was really happy with the Lonely Island medley starring LeAnn Rimes, Chris Isaak and Forest Whitaker — said he had no doubt that the "Last King of Scotland" actor could belt out "Di-- in a Box." "Forest Whitaker is a great dude," he said of the actor, who performed a singing-waiter skit when he hosted "Saturday Night Live." "He can blow it out. I know that. I was like, 'Oh my God! He's gonna come out and kill it.' "

The awards show was filled with celebrities, but it was business as usual for Samberg, who deals with stars week after week. " 'SNL' makes you a little bit relaxed," he said. "But it's still exciting."

With the show over, Samberg revealed that he had two options for celebrating a successful run as host: either "lay low," or "I might set the L.A. night on fire."

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