Andy Samberg Reunites With Justin Timberlake For MTV Movie Awards Montage

Host also runs into Robert Pattinson and Taylor Swift in high school science lab during opening clip.

Andy Samberg, the king of "Saturday Night Live" digital shorts, brought a little bit of the magic that made him famous to the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, opening the show with a hilarious mash-up of some of the year's best films, from "Slumdog Millionaire" to "Twilight."

The first-time host kicked off the short with an ode to one of the most memorable, cringe-inducing scenes of the year, the part in "Slumdog" when a young Jamal gets stuck in a festering Indian outhouse. In MTV's version, Samberg is chatting on the phone with President Barack Obama ("No, you're the a-hole!" he jokes) when he realizes he's been locked inside. Drawing strength from a picture of Carrie Bradshaw in a wedding dress, Samberg plunges into a pit of liquefied poop, emerging covered in brown goop and screaming like a madman.

Suddenly, Andy finds himself at school with the kids from "Twilight." He walks into science lab and lays his eyes on vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). "Who is that?" Samberg asks.

Cullen, of course, is overwhelmed by the stench of the crap-coated Samberg. But Andy has no time to be upset, nor time to indulge Taylor Swift's fantastically random invitation to the prom — he has to get cleaned up in time to host the Movie Awards.

Luckily, he lands in a scene from "The Reader." Kate Winslet's illiterate Nazi prison guard is ready and willing to wash the stink off the comedian. Not surprisingly, as soon as Samberg submerges himself in the bath, he realizes that maybe a shower would have been the more hygienic choice. No matter! Winslet is ready with a towel, and a peek at her naked body. Samberg seems pretty excited about the situation, until he begins to dematerialize.

What's going on? Oh yeah: He's been beamed aboard the USS Enterprise in the middle of the rebooted version of "Star Trek." How'd that happen? Seems the Enterprise's overeager activities coordinator 3J (Aziz Ansari), who's normally in charge of planning games of Ultimate Frisbee and ping-pong, accidently transported Samberg into deep space and away from Winslet. Bummer!

"Energize!" Samberg yells, and he suddenly appears in the limo of frequent digital-short collaborator Justin Timberlake. Except this time Andy's naked and JT is super freaked out. Samberg tries his best to exit the limo with a little bit of grace, but he just ends up sticking his butt in the singer's face and awkwardly straddling his lap.

"Your penis looks like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas," Timberlake says, before turning to the camera and introducing Samberg as host of the Movie Awards.

If you were as excited as we were about the first "New Moon" trailer on the MTV Movie Awards, show us! Turn on that webcam, tape your reaction and upload it to Tag your upload as "Twilight" so we can find it, then check back here as we post the highlights!

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